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Eco-responsibility and sustainable development at Jean Dubost

Jean Dubost is established in a privileged natural space in the heart of the mountainous area of Thiers and works daily to protect the environment.
All our cardboard packagings are sorted and recycled to give them a second life. We limit transport by grouping shipments to optimize the truck loading rates and limit travel.

We largely focus on industrial developments thus allowing entirely new products to be created within a logic of sustainable development and innovation.After having been the first PEFC-certified cutlery in 2009, we launch new ranges of products in harmony with nature and the environment.

  • The Natura range: Jean Dubost is breaking new ground with a range of Laguiole tableware 100% recyclable. A 100% recyclable stainless steel blade and an innovative handle resulting from advanced research, friendly to the environment. These handles are manufactured from a plant-based bioplastic made of corn starch- a renewable resource- making it 100% COMPOSTABLE and BIODEGRADABLE. A 100% recycled cardboard box, printed with natural vegetable inks. A recyclable wooden box and a label printed with vegetable-based inks, complete the expectations of nature lovers … and gourmets.
    Example of a Natura product: box of 3 - 100% recyclable Laguiole Natura cheese knives - Natura steak knives set Laguiole Jean Dubost 100% recyclable
  • Jean Dubost : The first cutler to be PEFC certified since 2009 (Programm for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). Handles are made of Oak wood selected by Jean Dubost that comes from trees resulting from programmes for the sustainable management of forests. These programmes insist for example on replanting more trees than the ones cut. The Oak’line, Laguiole PEFC knife, oak Pradel 1920 PEFC ranges. The blades are stainless steel 100% recyclable. A 100% recycled cardboard box, printed with natural vegetable inks
    Examples of the PEFC product: ecoresponsable kitchen set Jean Dubost Pradelbox of 6 Laguiole oak steak knives - oak handle Pradel 1920 kitchen knives 

  • The Paper line range: Jean Dubost offers you a cutting board made of recycled paper and natural resin. Let’s protect our planet together! To protect our planet means using products that have been recycled according to the Smartwood programme of the Rainforest Alliance with its FSC standards. Example of a Paperline product: Pradel Paper'line cutting board

To choose Jean Dubost products, is to opt for quality and promote the environment!