NATURA steak knives set Laguiole Jean Dubost 100% recyclable



  • 6 Laguiole steak knives, Natura set
  • handles made from a plant-based bioplastic made of corn starch 100% biodegradable / 100% compostable
  • chocolate and fudge colours handles, 100% biodegrable and compostable
  • stainless steel blades and caps, 100% recyclable
  • micro-serrated blades, stainless steel thickness 12/10
  • in 100% recycled carboard box, printed with natural vegetable inks
  • made in France

 Jean Dubost, environmentally friendly

 Jean Dubost innovates with a range of laguiole cutlery 100% recyclable.

 A 100% recyclable blade and a new handle work stemming made of corn starch, so 100% recyclable but also compostable and biodegradable.

 A 100% recycled cardboard box, printed with natural vegetable inks 



  • L0060015NAT190