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Innovation & Design by Jean Dubost

Micro-egg.Micro-egg.   Spoon designSpoon design

A significant part is given to industrial development which enables us to create entirely new products within a logic of sustainable development and innovation.


Prizes and awards

So as to constantly meet market expectations, we keep, creating and producing new handles, new lines using new materials. To reward this creativity, several of our products have received awards at international trade fairs.

Grand Prix « Table et Cadeau » for the Damas knife collection by Jean Dubost

Grand Prix table et cadeaux September 2012.Grand Prix table et cadeaux
September 2012.
  Table et Cadeau Damas Jean Dubost knives.Table et Cadeau Damas
Jean Dubost knives.

Paris, September 2012:

Grand prix « Table & Cadeau », magazine specialised in tableware
In September 2012 during the Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris, our « 1920 Damas », collection received 3 awards : design, technical know-how and packaging.
The board of examiners was composed of professionals and consumers, who met a few days before the exhibition opened.

Grand Prix du Design at the Interior Lifestyle trade exhibition in Shanghai

Prix Design Interior Lifestyle Shanghai October 2011.Prix Design Interior Lifestyle Shanghai
October 2011.
  Prix Design Interior Lifestyle Paperline knives.Prix Design Interior Lifestyle
Paperline knives.

Shanghai, october 2011:

The company received an award in October 2011, at the “Interior Lifestyle” trade exhibition, in Shanghai, in the « Design » category, thanks to the « Paper’line » range of kitchen knives.
The board of examiners particularly liked the combination of materials/handle design.
Material: paperstone, using recycled paper and natural resins.
Design: David Desquien.


Testimony of Jérôme Pouey, designer, Easign

Jérôme Pouey, Easign, designer.Jérôme Pouey,
Easign, designer.
  Vintage range sketch 01.Vintage range
sketch 01.
  Vintage range sketch 02.Vintage range
sketch 02.
  Vintage range sketch 03.Vintage range
sketch 03.
  Vintage range sketch 3D view 1.Vintage range
sketch 3D view 1.
  Vintage range sketch 3D view 2.Vintage range
sketch 3D view 2.

« In my opinion, design is above all a way of serving people. Of offering them a function but also, and perhaps even more especially, of telling them a story… It is the continuation of the work carried out by craftsmen who, at all times, have always produced objects that are primarily useful of course but that are often very beautiful …

This simple beauty comes from the intimate link that exists between their function and the sense of this function in culture. We find this link in cutlery and tableware. We find this link again in all the little rituals that are part of our lives, from toast at breakfast time to the preparation of a formal or relaxed meal …

Even up to the deeply rooted tradition of a coin given in exchange for a knife given, handed down by my grandfather and that I have passed on to my daughters. Because these every-day objects tell us stories relating to the kitchen, to the fun we had at table, to grandfather making a wooden bow …. They also invite us to remember that they come from a long tradition of know-how and innovation. Witnesses and actors of our lives and our own histories …

For if I have carefully collected the recipes of my grandmother and mother, I have my grandfather’s knives in my drawers … And it was my father who taught me how to sharpen them.

I believe that is why designers so much enjoy sketching knives and flatware… Especially if they like cooking …. So, yes, I must admit that I am very lucky to be able to design knives with Mr Dubost… »