Jean Dubost kitchen set, oakwood PEFC certified 1920 range, environmentally friendly



  • Jean Dubost 3 kitchen knives set, 1920 range
  • PEFC-certified oakwood handles
  • stainless steel blades thickness: paring and utility knife 1,5 mm; kitchen knife 2,0 mm
  • length blades : paring 8 cm; utility 10,5 cm; kitchen knife 15,0 cm
  • in 100% recycled cardboard box, printed with natural vegetable inks
  • environmentally friendly
  • Made in France 


Jean Dubost, environmentally friendly

Jean Dubost, Jean Dubost creates knives with wooden handles statuing the  PEFC certification (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). 
Made of oak and beech woods, the selected ones by Jean Dubost come from trees issued from specific trees of programs of lasting managements of forests.
Choose those Jean Dubost knives, it is to opt for quality and act at the same time for environment.


  • C0006990PEF190