Laguiole New Age range by Jean Dubost



The Laguiole NEW AGE range is the marriage of the 100% made in France Laguiole Jean Dubost and of a high technology cover surface.
This coating "copper", "black finish" or "gilt" colors is the very high-temperature deposit for a film of about 1 micro thickness. It mainly consists of titanium, zirconium and chromium. Besides its esthetic aspect of the most beautiful effect, this cover presents numerous assets as:

  • A very hight hardness (6 times superior to classic steel)
  • An excellent resistance in scratches
  • An excellent corrosion resistance
  • An increase of the life of the product

It is besides guaranteed dishwasher, environment-friendly (obtaining of the Eco friendly label) and naturally compatible in every respect with food contact. 

Available in 4 knives sets : black finish, copper effect or gilt blades.