Laguiole Jean Dubost pocket knife ""Lil Bro""



The new Laguiole Jean Dubost pocket knife called “Lil Bro”®, 100% made in France presents many assets:

  • natural beechwood handle with engraved Laguiole bee,
  • stainless steel smooth blade, 20/10 thickness,
  • tab crossing for an easy opening for both right or left-handed persons,
  • safety ferrule with rotating and blocking system,
  • in individual sale in 24 pieces display

Since 2012 with Microegg®, today, with the "Lil Bro"® knife, Jean Dubost renew his support to the world humanitarian organization Action against the Hunger: for every “Lil Bro”® knife bought, Jean Dubost puts back 0.15€ to Action Against the Hunger.

"Lil Bro"®: the supportive pocket knife signed Laguiole Jean Dubost!