Kitchen knives Espace all stainless steel Pradel Jean Dubost



  • Pradel kitchen knives Espace
  • brushed stainless steel handles
  • stainless steel blades thickness : paring, steak and cheese knives 1,5 mm; multi-using knife 2,0 mm; santoku small size knife, santoku large size knife, carving, bread and chef knives  2,2 mm
  • length blades : paring knife 9 cm; steak knife 12,5 cm; multi-using knife 14,5 cm; cheese knife 15 cm; santoku small knife 11,5 cm; santoku large knife 17,5 cm; carving knife 19 cm; bread and chef knives 20 cm
  • packed with transparent sheath with printed label


  • DE062700X01004 Paring knife
  • DE063680X01004 Steak knife
  • DE062750X01004 Multi-using knife
  • DE063340X01004 Santoku small size
  • DE063330X01004 Santoku large size
  • DE062270X01004 Carving knife
  • DE062770X01004 Bread knife
  • DE061790X01004 Chef knife