Kitchen knives and peeler stained wood handles Jean Dubost



  • kitchen knives Jean Dubost
  • stained beechwood handles 
  • stainless steel blades thickness 0,8 mm
  • length blades : "bec d'oiseau paring" knife 6 cm, peeler 5,5 cm, paring and vegetable knives 9 cm, spreader, tomato, bread knives
  • with sleeve blade protection
  • available colors from left to right : pink, orange,green, blue, black, yellow, red, grey, green, violet
  • made in France


  • CB102760C12002 ""Bec d'oiseau"" paring knife - pin
  • CB102350C03002 Peeler - orange
  • CB102710C01002 Paring knife bevelled blade - green
  • CB102640C14002 Vegetables micro serrated blade - blue