Jean DUBOST still innovates in their merchandising area!



Discover the educational cutlery showcase® new Generation, registered design, specially developed by Jean DUBOST for an optimized kitchen knives presentation. 

This educational cutlery showcase ® new Generation keeps JEAN DUBOST manufacture's DNA:

  • developing materials,
  • pedagogy on the place of sale "For each knife its use" thanks to the informative pictograms,
  • optimal safety (“easy locking system")…

Concerning Innovation, it will adapt itself perfectly to every type of sale points and particularly to the very fashionable low gondola product layout. It can also be nomadic and positioned on a counter or a podium.

The products' range presentation is conspicuously displayed for the consumer who can compare and make his choice easily.The stock situated just above, is at hand for the consumer (even in low gondola version).

The act of purchase is then facilitated and then converted.