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Jean Dubost: a living heritage company


A living heritage company is a company that combines tradition and innovation, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and future.

Jean Dubost was awarded the EPV label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” in 2012. See the Entreprise du patrimoine vivant website:

The EPV label is a State award, granted by an independent national commission composed of professionals working in favour of the practices guaranteeing excellence within their own branch of activity.

Awarded for a period of five years, this label gathers manufacturers attached to the high performance of their profession and their products. It rewards French companies offering exceptional craftsmanship and industrial know-how.


The EPV label

Indeed, the Jean Dubost company, established in 1920, is still driven by the same passion and the same love of a job well done. The uninterrupted handing down of this know-how from one generation to another since 1920, is your guarantee that you are acquiring authentic quality products.

For some production processes, our Laguiole, Original Pradel, Le Thiers or Jean Dubost flatware ranges require hand polishing, and an assembly and finish that require special traditional cutler skills. Only highly skilled persons are able to meet this requirement. We offer a first rate service, since we always strive to meet our customers’ requests.

Our dedication to a manufacturing process that offers quality compliance at each stage of the process enabled us to obtain this EPV label. Ardent supporters of the “made in France” concept, it was an immense honour for us to receive this label and to be considered as one of the treasures of the French manufacturing heritage.

« The EPV are gems for the French economic and cultural heritage that it is our duty to protect.»

Mrs Sylvia Pinel, Minister for Crafts, Trade and Tourism.