Jean Dubost: a compostable and recyclable knife, Journal La Montagne



A knife with a 100 % compostable, 100% biodegradable handle that exists! It is the range Natura by Laguiole Jean Dubost whose handles are in plant-based bioplastic made with corn starch! A range rewarded in London for its ecodesign by Scarlet Opus trend during the last Exclusively Housewares show.

The sustainable development at Jean Dubost? An identity value! First cutler PEFC certified since 2009, Jean Dubost proposes a complete range of kitchen knives, flatware, kids flatware, barbecue, cheese sets... etc With Oakwood handles PEFC certified from forests managed durably. Every piece carries the number of certification, so assuring the final consumer an ecoresponsible purchase, so that each can act and protect the planet for now and future generations.