« Il Bro les essences du monde» Laguiole pocket knives by Jean Dubost



  • pocketknife "Il bro" Laguiole Jean Dubost
  • stainless steel blade length 8.5 cms, thickness 20/10
  • tab crossing on the blade for an easy opening both right or left-handed
  • secure stainless steel cap, rotating and blocking
  • available with oakwood, wenge or olivewood handle
  • bee engraved in the handle
  • in unit kraft box sell or in 15 pieces display (5 oakwood handle, 5 olivewood, 5 wenge)
  • made in France  



  • L0015120BC18071 wenge
  • L0015120C161071 Olivewood
  • L0015120C192071 Oakwood
  • LD247500X00002 15 knives display