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Newsletter #65

Jean Dubost environmentally friendy

Jean Dubost environmentally friendy


Jean Dubost company, anchored in a privileged natural area in the heart of the Thiers mountain, works daily for the preservation of the environment and natural resources. 


Giving a second life to  packaging, adapting our production tool to limit waste and our carbon impact, but also recycling water used in our workshops are at the heart of Jean Dubost’s activity.


First PEFC (Programm for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified cutler in 2009, for sustainable forest management, our teams are always looking for innovative and renewable natural materials, always respecting their development, their environment and their life cycle.


Our Line and Natura ranges have 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable handles made from a plant based bioplastic made of corn starch.


To choose Jean Dubost products means opting for quality and acting for the environment!


Jean Dubost environmentally friendy

Jean Dubost Line ecofriendly cutlery range

Jean Dubost renews its PEFC certification

Jean Dubost environmentally friendy Jean Dubost environmentally friendy

 In addition to the Natura table range, here is the Jean Dubost Line range with its 100% recyclable kitchen knives!


A 100% recyclable stainless steel blade and a new handle resulting from advanced research, friendly to the environment (project initiated in 2008). These handles are made from a plant-based bioplastic made of corn starch, using a renewable resource, making them 100% COMPOSTABLE and 100% BIODEGRADABLE.

Initially obtained in 2009, Jean Dubost has just obtained the renewal of its PEFC (Programm for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification. For 10 years now, Jean Dubost has been working every day for the sustainable management of oak forests whose wood is used to make the handles of its flatware, kitchen knives, corkscrew, barbecue service…


Each handle provides the certification number thus guaranteeing the consumer a responsible purchase.




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