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Jean Dubost Merchandising

To present, coordinate, valorize, sell

Because of a very demanding number of distribution networks (department stores, specialist chains, retailers), Jean Dubost keeps offering appropriate answers with regard to innovating presentation and merchandising materials: box displays, packagings and shelves for cutlery and flatware.

Thanks to the close attention it pays to its customer’s demands, a precise diagnosis of their requirements and the use of quality materials in order to valorise the concepts the company offers, Jean Dubost is the preferred partner for finding innovating, optimum and valorising solutions.

With a beneficial environment, it is as many advantages for the consumer and as many assets for the distributor.

It’s a win-win partnership.

Cutlery and Flatware linear Modules

Vitrine coutellerie pédagogique- Concept déposéCutlery presentation
Registered concept.
  Open stock en pots plexiglass - Concept déposé.Open stock in plexiglass pots
Registered concept.
  Bacs inclinés aimantés.Magnetic inclined trays.
  Distributeur Microcake.Microcake dispenser
Registered concept.
  ILV informative Concept déposé.Informative ILV
Registered concept.
  Meuble fruits de mer.Sea food furniture.

The modules can be customized with informative ILV, open stock, sail type displays, magnetic inclined trays and inclined show-cases. These modular, secure show-cases thus offer the guarantee of a good performance of the shelf in the long run.
All the items forming the line are design to provide a clear and segmented response and facilitate the purchase.

Cutlery and Flatware Packaging

Carte de présentation avec préhension du manche.Card display with
handle prehension
Registered design.
  Packaging couteau céramique.Ceramic knife packaging.
  Fourreau Securit.Sheath securit.

  Boîte Pyramide.Pyramid box.

  Packaging 16 ou 24 couverts.16 or 24 Flatware packaging.

  Coffret couteau de cuisine couvercle aimanté.Kitchen knives set with magnetised top box
Registered design.  

Secure packagings giving access to the products: Presentation cards with handle grip, reusable safety glass sheaths for the safe storage of the knives.
Atractive packagings: Pyramid boxes, gift packagings developed for special occasions (Christmas…)
Canteen boxes with PET window for optimal vision of the product.

Box displays

Divers box display.Various box displays.
  Display Microcake.Box Microcake
Registered design.
  Box couteaux Laguiole.Box Laguiole knives.
  Display Micro Egg.Box Micro Egg
Registered design.
  Box fruits de mer.Box sea food.
  Box couteaux cérusés.Box cerused knives.

Compact boxes for shelves and counters in four-coloured printed cardboard.
Highlighting of the products facilitated for “permanent” or commercial operations.