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Jean Dubost: A tradition of cutlers at your service

The firm was founded in 1920 by Mr Pierre DUBOST and his wife Marcelle Colas Pradel. The general cutlery company opened its doors in Viscomtat, a tiny village tucked away in the heart of the mountains not far from Thiers in France. Mr Pierre Dubost, a professional cutler whose father was also a cutler, creator of the famous Pradel knife started business in a small workshop. Originally, the production only concerned knives solely intended for professionals.

Production soon developed through the impetus given by Jean Dubost, the founder’s son, who gave his name to the famous range of flatware and kitchen knives of international renown. Jean Dubost and his son Philippe have been present at international trade fairs since 1962, and their fame has continued to grow thanks to their constant attention to consumers’ requirements.

It is with Alexandre Dubost, representing the 4th generation of cutlers, that Jean Dubost is carrying on the cutler tradition with a touch of modernity.

With this wealth of know-how and their desire to provide a job that is well done, handed down from one generation to another, that Alexandre Dubost and his team, fervent advocates of authenticity yet always in search of new trends and new ways of conviviality, now offer you a wide range of flatware, knives and kitchen utensils.

The cutlery workshop in 1965.The cutlery workshop in 1965.   Pierre and Marcelle Dubost with their children: Jean, the eldest and Noël on his mother’s knees.Pierre and Marcelle Dubost
with their children: Jean,
the eldest and Noël on his mother’s knees.
Our history

Couteaux Pradel: The Toucan

For the record, our Pradel knives have been associated with a toucan on each of the blades since 1920.

Indeed, at the beginning of the century it was traditional for each trademark to be associated with an animal.

Pierre Dubost and his wife chose to use this famous bird because of its long sharp beak.