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Newsletter #37

For a smart and trendy Christmas table setting!

For a smart and trendy Christmas table setting!

The Laguiole NEW AGE range is the marriage of the 100% made in France Laguiole Jean Dubost and of a high technology cover surface.

This coating called “PVD coating titanium” with tendency colors, is the very high-temperature deposit for a film of about 1 microm thickness, mainly consists of titanium, zirconium and chromium.

Besides its esthetic aspect of the most beautiful effect, this cover presents a very hight hardness (6 times superior to classic steel) and an excellent resistance in scratches and corrosion. It is also dishwasher safe, environment-friendly (obtaining of the Eco friendly label) and naturally compatible in every respect with food contact.


Associate these Jean Dubost Laguiole knives with microserrated blade to our flatware: Delta-black, Jet gold plated or Aero-copper which are provided with the same coating process!


To lay a smart and trendy Christmas table: black, golden or copper-colored version, choose your own style!

For a smart and trendy Christmas table setting!

Jean Dubost, sea food furniture

Jean Dubost Pradel Knives as shortbread cookies!

For a smart and trendy Christmas table setting! For a smart and trendy Christmas table setting!

Our new seafood furniture, Jean Dubost quality guaranted, is more compact, more ergonomic : 47 inches height, a width of 15 inch and 12 inches depth.


For an optimal presentation, right at hand, of our seafoods accessories, 100 % Made in France: oyster opener, crab/Lobster cracker, oyster knife, crab/lobster skewers, seafood snails...


A maximal choice in a minimal space!


The Jean Dubost team had the pleasure to open its doors to blogovergnates: bloggers who defend loud and clear the specificities and the knowledges of their French region.


To the program: discovered in our workshops, stages of knives manufacturing, but also eco responsible and human values of our company


As shows this photo of shortbread cookies in the effigy of Jean Dubost Pradel kitchen knives 1920 range, it was a very rich moment of exchanges between culinary enthusiasts and cutler!


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