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Newsletter #28

Laguiole® Jean Dubost, new packaging

Laguiole® Jean Dubost, new packaging

 Jean Dubost wanted to innovate and surprise with a packaging worthy of the success of its new products: one metal box engraved with the logo of our brand: design, on trend, and really modern!

The Eiffel tower, the tricolour banner and our certificate of authenticity bring to you at the same time: the insurance of a product 100% made in France and the Jean Dubost manufacture's quality, French cutlery of excellence since 1920.

Presented here with our new Stand' up knives, this new packaging is also available for the steak knives and the cheese sets Laguiole® Jean Dubost.

A novelty very noticed in Paris, at last Maison&Objet show!

Laguiole® Jean Dubost, new packaging

Ambiente the show, Frankfurt

The movable distributor Laguiole® Jean Dubost

Laguiole® Jean Dubost, new packaging Laguiole® Jean Dubost, new packaging

From 12 to 16 next february, Jean Dubost team will be very pleased to welcome you on our booth at Ambiente show in Frankfurt : Hall 3.1 booth A80.


Come in large numbers, of magnificent unpublished products and packagings to be discovered!





To highlight the Laguiole® Jean Dubost products 100% Made in France, Jean Dubost propose its last merchandising innovation : the movable distributor Laguiole!

Compact and ergonomic for a maximum of products in a minimum of space!



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