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Newsletter # 95


The very elegant Bistronomie knife takes its name from the contraction of the evocative terms «bistro and gastronomy». A major movement in French culinary art, this trend has made the « haute cuisine » accessible to all.

Entirely handmade, this exceptional Jean Dubost knife, 100% French manufactured, has a smooth full-tang blade in satin finish stainless steel, a stainless steel bolster and a glossy black acrylic handle (also available with olive wood or micarta handle).

More than a table knife, it is ideal for a fine cut of meat. Thanks to its exceptional sharpness and its ergonomic handle very pleasant to wield, it will also be your best partner for cooking and cheese tasting. A beautiful multi-using french knife.

Jean Dubost tabling de fetes, couverts dorés anuradha et couteau francais bistronomie manche acrylique noir

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 Thanks to many existing merchandising modules compose your Jean Dubost Shop in Shop as you like: cooking or table atmosphere or both at once.

Eco-designed and eco-responsible furniture made from recycled wood chips. Waste becomes a resource and its impact on the environment is thus limited.

A very large modularity with 3 or 4 shelves according to your needs, this compact and lightweight furniture is 100% made in France and easy to install for a minimal footprint (Dimensions: H 158*L 66*D 35 cm). An informative IOP values the brand and its history.

This furniture brings a very warm atmosphere with an aesthetic and rewarding emphasis of your Jean Dubost collection.



  A few weeks ago, we announced our awarding of a new label: Committed CSR level confirmed, issued by AFNOR certification. This Corporate Social Responsibility label rewards our company for its sustainable development approach, which combines economic efficiency with: territorial involvement, social equity and environmental preservation.
But specifically, what do we do? Following our audit, we have chosen to present you some figures through an illustrated mini-series, today we will talk about our water consumption. To manufacture a knife, many steps consume water. For example, the grinding step - working steel to arrive at a bevel O - first step before sharpening - grindstones are used, and are cooled with water. The installation and optimization of a closed-loop water management system in our workshops has allowed us to reduce our water consumption by 83% in a few years. This allows us to contribute to the preservation of this precious and vulnerable resource of our ecosystem.




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