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Newsletter # 78


Ruggedly and authentic
, the Jean Dubost kitchen knives tradition range are 
     - 100% Designed and made in Thiers-France
     - 100% Preserved local employment
     - 100% Traditional French know-how
     - 100% Limited carbon impact

The blade is made of high quality french steel for a perfect edge. The PEFC certified oakwood handle - for sustainable forest management - is eco-responsible.

Presented on a recycled cardboard card, this range is part of our global environmental approach for a 100% committed and responsible cooking.

Couteaux de cuisine Jean Dubost gamme tradition manches ecoresponsables en chene certifie PEFC sur carte carton recyclé

Jean Dubost strengthens its commitment to environmental sustainability

Jean Dubost, a true visionary pioneer

Blocs couteaux steak Jean Dubost Laguiole boite PET vs boite carton recyclé Jean_Dubost_fils_des_fondateurs

Environmental consciousness is a deep-rooted, lasting value at Jean Dubost.

For years, our PET packaging has been made of 80% recycled plastic from a second life of industrial and household packaging.

But we want to go further.
That’s why we are gradually replacing our PET packaging with recycled kraft paper packaging.

Choosing Jean Dubost products means opting for quality, and acting for the environment!



  Jean Dubost, it’s our brand name and the name of our company… But, for me, itw as first and foremost my grandfather’s name.
I can see him now, his tall figure moving through the workshops, always ready to impart advice to anyone. He took over from his parents, Pierre and Marcelle, who founded the company in 1920.
Of course, he had a passion for knives, but also for travelling and meeting people. To us, he was this « visionary pioneer » who blazed the trail for us all. He was the one who was brave enough to export our know-how to the other side of the Atlantic very early on.
                                       Alexandre Dubost,
                       current head of the company




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