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Newsletter # 72


In parallel with its eco-designed ranges - vegetal bioplastic handles and PEFC certified oakwood handles – Jean Dubost continues to move forward on its commitment and responsible approach.
The soon centennial cutlery, confident in the quality of its manufacturing, enhances its undertaking for its products’ sustainability and offers a 25-years guarantee on its professional kitchen knives 1920 range. This warranty is a pledge of our exceptional know-how and gives consumers the assurance that they are buying a product that will satisfy them for many years.

Because eco-responsibility begins with the sustainability of products, Jean Dubost is committed!

Sacoche cuir et couteaux de cuisine Jean Dubost gamme 1920, fabrication francaise, garantie 25 ans

Jean Dubost acacia wood cheese set

Set up a festive table with Jean Dubost !

Planche à fromage en acacia et ustensiles noirs Jean Dubost modele Natural Life Jean Dubost tabling de fetes, couverts dorés anuradha et couteau francais bistronomie manche acrylique noir

The Natural Life Jean Dubost cheese set is made of an acacia wood board with a black-finish handle, coming with cheese ustensils: fork, knife and spatula, in stainless steel black titanium finish by PVD coating.

Each utensil has a fine white screen print with the Jean Dubost brand name, for a guaranteed stylish and bistro effect!



  Whether it’s for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, it’s a wonderful opportunity to pamper your guests! Have you thought about how to lay beautiful tables?

Jean Dubost provides here an elegant table combining Jean Dubost black and golden anuradha flatware with the Jean Dubost Bistronomie knife black acrylic handle 100% made in France.




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