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Newsletter #19

New Age Laguiole Jean Dubost

New Age Laguiole Jean Dubost

The Laguiole NEW AGE range is the marriage of the 100% made in France Laguiole Jean Dubost and of a high technology cover surface.

This coating "copper", "black finish" or "gilt" colors is the very high-temperature deposit for a film of about 1 micro thickness. It mainly consists of titanium, zirconium and chromium. Besides its esthetic aspect of the most beautiful effect, this cover presents numerous assets as:

  • A very hight hardness (6 times superior to classic steel)

  • An excellent resistance in scratches

  • An excellent corrosion resistance

  • An increase of the life of the product


It is besides guaranteed dishwasher, environment-friendly (obtaining of the Eco friendly label) and naturally compatible in every respect with food contact.

New Age Laguiole Jean Dubost

Jean Dubost You Tube Channel

Microegg® and Microcake® Jean Dubost

New Age Laguiole Jean Dubost New Age Laguiole Jean Dubost

You wish to see in pictures the manufacturing of products Jean Dubost, discover the authenticity of our cutler know-how transmitted since four generations and also the dynamism of this french company always on the lookout for the tendencies?

Then, come to view and why not subscribe to our Jean Dubost YouTube channel!


Increase your sales with the cross-selling supports: fast and easy to install!
Let in our Microcake® and Microegg® at the heart of your shelves spaces: cakes, pastry, eggs, Easter chocolates...
Do not forget, Jean Dubost supports Action Against the Hunger: for every Microegg® bought, 0.15 euros are put back to the association.

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