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Newsletter #15

Jean Dubost novelties !

Jean Dubost novelties !

Discover, our quite new range of Laguiole Jean Dubost sets, 100% Made in Thiers France: "Glossy" gift box for an insured hightlighting of the products!


Sober, modern, bright and elegant, they also reassure on the acquisition of a 100 % French manufacturing product.


Available in seafood set, 3 pieces cheese set but also 6 steaks knives!


Jean Dubost novelties !

Jean Dubost training manual

Knives ceramic novelties

Jean Dubost novelties ! Jean Dubost novelties !

Transmit our know-how and our passion: for a simple and fast consultation, our Jean Dubost training manual is from now available on our website!


Strikingly modern! Printed Damas or printed carbon ceramic knives! A wind of change in the cooking universe signed Original Pradel by Jean Dubost!


La French Fab

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La French Fab

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