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Newsletter #64

Jean Dubost french knives walnut range

Jean Dubost french knives walnut range

 Walnut: a natural wood with various color from light brown to dark brown veined of black, is intended for the most noble uses of woodworking, and has just made its entrance in Jean Dubost’s woodworkshop!


From the famous Jean Dubost 1920 iconic range with its full silk blades, stainless steel caps and three rivets to the small kitchen cutlery of our tradition range, walnut handles bring charm and elegance to these 100% french manufactured knives, from a know-how passed on for 4 generations.


Enjoy the soft and silky touch of natural wood for 100% feel good culinary preparations!

Jean Dubost french knives walnut range

New, «The pocket®» Jean Dubost Laguiole folding knife

Jean Dubost cutlery received French Fab label!

Jean Dubost french knives walnut range Jean Dubost french knives walnut range

 From 15th April, at BHV – Galeries Lafayette, famous and luxurious department store in Paris, promote in preview the brand new Jean Dubost Laguiole folding knife called «The Pocket®» in its wonderful gift box!


Jean Dubost, professionnal cutler since 1920, gives to its new Laguiole pocket knife, an innovative and terrifically seductive « French Touch ». A signature and know-how « 100% made in Thiers » - France.



 Get to know the French industrial know-how!


French cutlery manufacturer since 1920, counting among companies that plan for the future and commit to grow, innovate, digitalize, develop internationally and aim for ecological and environmental performance Jean Dubost thus naturally joins the French Fab Label!

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