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Newsletter #60

Christmas with Jean Dubost

Christmas with Jean Dubost

 Always very trendy, the NEW AGE - Jean DUBOST Laguiole range matches his blades of very high quality GOLDEN, COPPER-COLORED OR BLACK color titanium cover.

Jean Dubost Laguiole Pure New Age steak knives with gilded blade are presented here in a quite new block: the open black block with 3D pad! This pads holds the brand’s logo in black writing on golden bottom, a beautiful gift in this end of year!

The whole Jean DUBOST Laguiole collection is guaranteed 100 % made in France in our workshops.

Christmas with Jean Dubost

Jean Dubost dessert forks Violon range

Dare black, golden or copper-colored flatware for festive tablings!

Christmas with Jean Dubost Christmas with Jean Dubost

 Jean Dubost Pastry forks violon range are all stainless steel with 100 % black finish cover made of very high temperature, titanium, zirconium and chromium deposit, dishwasher and food contact guaranteed.
Opt for their very trendy vintage style!


Presented in a wonderful broachable black and yellow gift box, they will be perfect to savour all Christmas cakes!




 Get Delta black, jet gold and aero copper flatware to lay wonderful Christmas or New year’s eve tables!
Mix with the Jean Dubost Laguiole New age collection with black, golden or copper-colored blade, French manufacturing.


The New Age range is available with black or white handle: up to you to custom and personalize your table!

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