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Newsletter # 125

Collection Elysée X Jean Dubost made in France

Seeing our products selected by the Elysée brand and counting among the jewels of french manufactures is a beautiful reward for the commitment of the women and men who work daily in our workshops for 4 generations.

Our Elysée X Jean Dubost collection invites you to celebrate the art of entertaining and the French art of living.

Here we invite you to an aperitif served with elegance with our corkscrew sommelier Millesime Jean Dubost Laguiole to taste your best wines and our appetizer board engraved «Elysée» in natural beech wood with our Jean Dubost Laguiole knife engraved RF "French Republic" and ÉLYSÉE: they will be your best allies for your tastings!

Crédits : © Élysée – Présidence de la République – Elise Dumas @thepineapplechef
Jean Dubost Laguiole planche et couteau apéritif Élysée – Présidence de la République

Jean Dubost flatware, Bistrot à la française Sense handles collection

Jean Dubost X Fondation GoodPlanet
solidarity partnership

Couverts de table Jean Dubost Bistrot à la francaise manche sense made in France ecoconcu Jean_Dubost_partenaire_solidiare_Fondation_GoodPlanet_Yann_Arthus_Bertrand_Sense

Our collection « Jean Dubost, Bistrot à la française »: a flatware collection, 100% French made in our workshops with century-old know-how located in Viscomtat near Thiers.

Engaged in an eco-design approach since 2008, Jean Dubost launches here an ambitious circular economy project with Sense handles. As a result of the recycling of plastic waste collected in France, the eco-designed material Le Pavé® used in the manufacture of Sense handles reduces the carbon footprint by 84% compared to a conventional plastic.

 Jean Dubost, let's cut for a better world.


  Since 2021, Jean Dubost has partnered with the GoodPlanet foundation chaired by Yann Arthus Bertrand.  Our floreal Sense and Sense black edition ranges, whose handles come from the circular economy (plastic waste handles collected and recycled in France), are naturally part of the foundation’s ecological values.

This is why Jean Dubost wanted to give them its solidarity support by donating 1% of the turnover achieved with these ranges, in order to participate in the development of field projects contributing to the construction of a more sustainable, more responsible and more supportive world.




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