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Newsletter # 123


The 4L Trophy: the biggest sporting and solidarity event in Europe dedicated to 18-28 years old, of all nationalities

This humanitarian, solidarity and sports raid is also an educational adventure that allows each young person to develop their adaptation abilities and become more responsible.

The objectives: to travel nearly 6000 km around the values of solidarity and eco-citizenship in order to bring school, sports and medical equipment to the populations of the Moroccan desert.

A formative and committed project for which Jean Dubost had the pleasure of supporting the crew 214 of this 27th edition with Elisa and Laurie pilot and co-pilot of their local car named «La 4L du Puy-de-Dôme».


Jean Dubost merchandising
Eco-SECURE® case

Eco vintage: the new Jean Dubost
bio-based range

Jean_Dubost_avant_apres_etui_ecosecure Jean Dubost gamme ecovintage made in France

In order to reduce our carbon footprint and go even further in our CSR approach, certified by our AFNOR label, level confirmed **, we are launching a new range of eco-designed packaging, zero plastic, made with cardboard from sustainable forest management and fully recyclable for our kitchen knives range.

On each case is drawn the outline of the corresponding blade to facilitate access to information and the consumer’s act of purchase. Printing is done with vegetable inks.
Our Eco-SECURE® case is a registered model.

Jean Dubost is environmentally responsible by nature.



 Since 2008, the year that marked the birth of our 1st range of knives with a vegetable biomaterial handle, we continue our ecodesign approach, and are delighted to offer you today our new range called Eco-vintage!

This is a range of kitchen knives and steak knives in 3 colors: black, green and pure whose handles are made from sugar cane waste. The material we use is certified bio-based *** and ok compost industrial, that is to say that the material is biodegradable in an industrial composting center.

Our eco-vintage range is available in display, block or individually with our eco-SECURE® case.




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