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Newsletter #49

Table setting with Jean Dubost!

#Tabling with Jean Dubost flatware

 Family, friends, Christmas and new Year holidays are convenient to receive properly your guests, succumb too and enter into the wonderful spirit of #tabling! Playful, it is also the opportunity to fill your guests, to show them that you wish to please and take care of them!

To lay a smart and trendy Christmas table: Jean Dubost proposes you its copper, black or golden flatware, choose your own style!

Table setting with Jean Dubost!

Premium Jean Dubost cutlery furniture

Laguiole Jean Dubost New Age knives, Made in France

Table setting with Jean Dubost! Table setting with Jean Dubost!

 To value its upscale products Jean Dubost launches Premium dedicated furnitures for France and International market:


  • clear brand and french manufacturing signposting

  • brooches for large blades kitchen knives

  • a dedicated space for small cutlery open stock with educational informative pictograms for each blade and its use

  • tablets for kitchen knives sets and accessory display : cutting boards, sharpeners…


A simple and elegant furniture, on castors for a user-friendliness in store!

 The Laguiole NEW AGE range is the marriage of the 100% made in France Laguiole Jean Dubost and of a high technology cover surface.
This coating called “PVD coating titanium” with tendency colors, is the very high-temperature film deposit of about 1 micrometers thickness, mainly consists of titanium, zirconium and chromium. Besides its esthetic aspect of the most beautiful effect, this cover presents a very high hardness and an excellent resistance in scratches and corrosion. It is also dishwasher safe, environment-friendly (obtaining of the Eco friendly label) and naturally compatible in every respect with food contact.

Associate these Jean Dubost Laguiole New Age knives with microserrated blade to our flatware: Delta-black, Jet gold plated or Aero-copper which are provided with the same coating process!


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