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Newsletter # 109


The whole team wishes you all the best for 2023 and takes this beginning of the year opportunity to introduce you to Jean Dubost’s deeper why purpose that we have defined in these three points:

 - To manufacture flatware, kitchen knives and utensils by developing employment in our area through a local and reasoned manufacturing where human is at the heart of our action.
 - To perpetuate, develop and transmit to future generations our centennial know-how to offer sustainable, accessible and technical products that facilitate culinary preparations and enhance the daily tables in France and around the world.
 - To craft and innovate in respect of the environment and its resources for a responsible and sustainable world promoting the circular economy.

                    Let’s cut for a better world!


Jean Dubost bistronomy knives

Jean Dubost partner of the famous Institut Paul Bocuse at the Sirha

Coffret 6 couteaux Bistronomie Jean Dubost manche chene certifie PEFC pour la gestion durable des forets made in France Jean_Dubost_Sirha_Lyon_2023_Paul_Bocuse

A unique design for an exceptional edge!

The iconic bistronomy knife by Jean Dubost presents a unique design, a full tang blade in stainless steel of high quality in satin finish with unmatched edge.

Its ergonomic handle in PEFC certified oakwood comes from the sustainable management of forests.

Jean Dubost is the first French cutler commited and certified PEFC since 2009!

Our bistronomy knife is also available with a handle in olive wood, black acrylic, light or dark micarta, a french knife 100% handmade in our centenary workshops.

To bring an exceptional style on your table!



 A must-see for food service, the Sirha show from 19 to 23 January 2023 at Eurexpo in Lyon, is a reference show for HORECA.
Jean Dubost once again supports the students and teams of the famous Paul Bocuse Institute at the « Kiss the Ground » restaurant. An exceptional table that will offer you a committed and creative menu focused on the future.

Jean Dubost kitchen knives will assist the brigade with our kitchen leather bags. At the table, the Jean Dubost leather pouch customized for the Institut Paul Bocuse, will present with elegance the flatware and Jean Dubost Le Thiers black handle table knives selected for your tastings.

Head to the Kiss The Ground restaurant for a unique and innovative meal!




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