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Newsletter # 103


Steak knives are designed to facilitate the cutting of meat without tearing it.

The Jean Dubost steak knife tradition range has a natural beech handle and a semi-tang micro-toothed blade in high quality steel, X47Cr13 – HRC 52-55. Its neat style and its wooden handle will give a lot of character to your table! A 100% French-made knife in our hundred-year-old workshops.

This block of 6 tradition knives will be perfect to accompany the tasting of your barbecue grills all summer long!


Shop in Shop by Jean Dubost® merchandising

Jean Dubost French cutler since 1920, committed CSR level confirmed

Shop_in_Shop_Jean_Dubost Jean_Dubost_RSE_RECYCLAGE_DECHETS_GB

Always looking for innovative solutions in terms of merchandising, we offer you this new presentation furniture that will allow you to create a real brand corner within your point of sale.

This eco-friendly furniture is made from recycled wood chips. It offers a great modularity ranging from 1 to 4 shelves. It features an informative ILV highlighting the brand’s assets:
- A family business and a french manufacturer for more than 100 years old
- A recognition of the know-how of excellence by the EPV (Living Heritage Company) label
- A recognition of the company’s soft skills with the CSR certification level confirmed ** by AFNOR, certifying a strong approach of territorial implementation, preservation of the environment and social equity.

This furniture will be your best asset to highlight your table or cutlery offers or both at the same time according to your inspirations.



  In our CSR saga, what do we do concretely? We have already presented to you the reduction of our water consumption in our manufacturing process, the reduction of plastic in our packagings, our commitment to biodiversity and preservation of forests with our PEFC certification (since 2009) or the strong presence of our suppliers in short-circuit.

Today, we would like to present our commitment to a virtuous and environmentally responsible approach to waste management that has been in place for many years: paper, cardboard of course but also recycling of our pallets and packaging for a second life, upgrading of 100% of our plastics waste reused in our manufacturing processes to offer you ranges from the circular economy, grinding and sharpening steel blades produces a waste called « emouture sludge» which is upgraded as fuel in cement plants …

In total, 98% of our waste is recycled or upgraded.




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