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Newsletter # 102


 In order to reduce our carbon footprint and go even further in our CSR approach, certified by our AFNOR label, level confirmed **, we are launching a new range of eco-designed packagings, zero plastic, made from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard for our 1920 iconic kitchen knives range. Their label is made without lamination, the glue conforms to the food contact and finally, the ink used for inkjet printing, is made of 90% water.

Jean Dubost is environmentally responsible by nature.


Jean Dubost merchandising Magnetic recycled wood pot display

Jean Dubost French cutler since 1920, committed CSR level confirmed


 In order to highlight and enhance our range of Laguiole® knives and «small blade» kitchen knives, we present you our new eco-designed and eco-responsible pot display with magnetic front.

Made from recycled wood chips, the waste that makes it up then becomes «Resource». Thus valued, their impact on the environment is limited.

With ideal dimensions, this cube of 4 inches side, has a large storage capacity and thanks to its magnetic front, it allows an optimal visibility of the products, which will facilitate the act of purchase of the final consumer.  



  Committed to a virtuous and eco-responsible approach for many years, the eco-design of packagings and new products is at the heart of Jean Dubost’s R&D and marketing action.

Natural materials such as wood, cardboard, but especially recycled wood and recycled cardboard from the circular economy are the cornerstones of our new packagings; this in order to minimize our impact on the environment and improve our carbon footprint as much as possible.

70% of our packagings are plastic free and we work day after day to make it even better.




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