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Damas by Jean Dubost :


a work of art unique in the world

The story of a friendship

Four enthusiastic friends have combined their talents: Philippe Dubost, cutler, Alain Dumousset, blacksmith, Jacques Gazotti, printmaker and Maurice Rochefolle, mathematician.
Their challenge: to create an exceptional knife, entirely made of real Damascus steel...The Damas Jean Dubost collection was born.

Philippe Dubost,
the cutler

Alain Dumousset,
the blacksmith

Jacques Gazotti,
the printmaker

Maurice Rochefolle,
the mathematician

Production of the Damas knife

The forging technique we use dates back to more than 100 years BC. Indeed, today there are more than 3 types of “Damascus steel” or “damask steel”. Even if they have similar patterns, they cover completely different techniques, including: western wrought steel obtained by forge welding, re-folding and possibly torsion of blocks of steel with different carbon contents. The must of the Damascus steel, retained and used for the production of our exceptional range.

Damas knife

Discover the Damas range by Jean Dubost

The Jean Dubost « Damas » range has required particular attention with regard to the grind, cutting and finish. It stands out through its non-random design which has required the preparation of a mathematical pattern allowing the anticipation of the patterns that will appear on the Damascus steel blades after revelation.
Deliberately pure and refined, these patterns are inspired by Gallic swords. At the forge, we have worked on the best artisanal Damascus carbon steel. Two kinds of style have been chosen for the blade and the bolster; the solid one piece blade and tang guarantee solidity and longevity.
Finally, violet wood was chosen for the handle, thus renewing with the use of exotic woods for the prestigious knives.